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Fun Ways to Keep Fit

Keeping fit might sound like a lot of work to some people because the first thing that goes through their mind is going to the gym. The gym might look very beautiful but trust me, when you start to get down to work, the beauty fades in your eyes.

Not everyone has the time to go to the gym every morning because of their schedule. The good news is going to the gym to lift heavy weight or do tedious workout routines is not the only way to keep fit.

Keeping fit is fun

I am going to share with you fun ways to keep fit that do not involve you going to the gym.

Take a Walking Tour Around Your City

One of the easiest way to keep fit is walking. It does not require a lot of equipment except comfortable clothes and a pair of comfortable shoes. It is a form of exercise you can do anywhere and can easily integrate into your daily life. You can spice up your walking exercise by going on a walking tour around your city with friends.


Nothing expresses happiness and fun more than dancing. Everyone at one point has tried to dance even if they don’t know how to. Dancing is a very good aerobic workout that can help you lose calories and stay fit. It requires a lot of movements that is why it is a good way to tone up your muscles. It is also very flexible so you don’t have to worry if you are doing it right or not, all you have to do is shake your body. You can sign up for a dance class or try some dance workout on your own. There are different dance routines you can try out on YouTube.

House Chores

This might sound strange but doing house chores can help you stay fit and yeah, it can also be fun. You can turn your daily chores into a small workout routine time by putting up some upbeat music and consciously doing some movements like squats or push-ups. You can make it fun by doing squats or burpees every time a new song comes on. This way, you are killing two birds with one stone- cleaning and working out at the same time.

Indoor Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is an anaerobic exercise that can help you build strength, endurance and balance. You can burn as much as 800 calories per hour while rock climbing. You use your legs to push yourself up the wall while using your hand to pull yourself up. It involves most of the muscles in the body that is why it is a good body building exercise. Don’t forget to spice it up with some upbeat music to keep you going strong.

Rope Jumping

Rope Jumping or Skipping is a full body cardiovascular workout that will help you build strength, balance and burn calories too. You can burn about 200 calories with just fifteen minutes of rope jumping. It is pretty simple to do, all you need is a jump rope and a pair of comfortable shoes. Before you start to jump rope, make sure you do a short warm-up to get you ready. Here is a basic technique that can help: bend your body forward slightly, keep your legs together, put your hand by your side, and then jump over the rope. Make sure you land on the ball of your feet and do not kick back. You don’t need a large space to jump rope, a comfortable outdoor space is perfect.


If you are someone that loves to compete and won’t mind a fast paced aerobic exercise, then fencing is the perfect workout for you. It is both physical and mental because it requires you to mentally calculate your opponent’s move and react. It involves intense arm and foot movement and can help to burn calories. It helps to improve speed, flexibility, balance and coordination. With this exercise, you can tone up your buttocks, abs, arm and thigh muscles. You will need to register at a fencing club before you can carry out this workout. It has its own uniform and you will be provided with it at the fencing club.


Skating is a very good alternative to running and it is easier on the joints. It is a good aerobic exercise that helps to tone your lower body. It also helps to build the strength of your legs. Both ice and inline skating are good ways to burn calories. If you don’t know how to skate, you can check out some online programs that can help you out.


Yoga does not only help you relax or meditate, it is also a good way to burn calories and stay fit. All you need to practice yoga is your body and a mat and it can be done from the comfort of your home. You can check up different yoga poses online to guide you during your yoga practice or better still, join a group of yogis to make it more fun.


If you want to enjoy some fresh air with a group of friends and stay fit while at it, then hiking is the perfect workout for you. It is a great outdoor exercise that will get your heart pumping. It is enjoyable with friends and burns calories. It will also help turn up your muscles if done regularly. You will not only get to work out in a fun way while hiking, you will also get to enjoy beautiful view of the world around you. So, lace up your sneakers, grab some friends and have fun hiking.

Be part of a team

Engaging in sports is another fun way to stay fit. Sometimes, it is hard to find the motivation to work out if you have to do it alone. However, when you are part of a team, it can get a bit easier. You can join an adult sports league. Think of a sport you really like and have always wanted to learn and do it. You don’t have to aim to do the sports professionally, just learn for the fun of it. It’s a good way to exercise. 

What is your fun way of keeping fit? Tell me about it in the comment section

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