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Two Major Reasons You Have Back Pain

Recently, back pain has become a major issue among adults especially those under the age of 45. I can’t count how many times people ask me “why does my back hurt this bad?”. The crazy thing about back pain is that it affects your performance in your daily life. Although low back pain is the most common type of back pain, it is not the only type of back pain there is. Sometimes the pain can also be at the middle or upper region.

Why You Have That Back Pain

Back pain can be caused by different things ranging from lifestyle to pathological reasons. To make it easier, I will explain the causes under two different subheadings – Lifestyle and pathological


Let’s start with pathological causes. Back pain can sometimes happen because there is a problem with your spinal joints, muscles, discs or nerves. You will have to go to the doctor to get a proper diagnosis for any spine-related problem. Your doctor can assess you for the following problems:

Degenerative Disc Disease: Like cars, the back also has shock absorbers. The disc located between the spinal bones serves as the shock absorbers and they can sometimes shrink or tear due to old age, and when this happens, it causes the bones to rub together and this can cause pain.

Herniated or slipped discs: This happens when the soft tissue between the joints at your back has slipped. It is usually caused by wear and tear of the joints. Most times, you will feel most of the pain at your lower back or hip because the nerves there will likely be pressed.

Bulging Disc: This is similar to slipped disc but it does not come out as much as a slipped disc does. You will not always feel the symptoms except it sometimes presses on a nerve root.

Spondylosis: When the disc degenerates, it can cause arthritis of the spine and this is called spondylosis. This can occur at any part of the spine but when it happens at the lumbar region, it can cause serious low back pain.

Accidents or Injuries: Back pain can also be caused by car accidents, fractures, muscle sprains, and strains.


The things you do in your daily life can often cause back pain. Things like

Posture: Your posture is an important part of your well-being. It is common to assume bad postures and sometimes it can even seem comfortable but the bad news is that it is affecting your spine. Some people assume different postures for the sake of fashion or work, but when you get used to these postures and forget to assume a good posture you are doing great harm to your back.  

Lifting heavy objects– The back is not a very flexible structure, there is a limit to the range of motion that can occur there. This is why it is advisable to shift your weight from your back when trying to lift heavy objects so you do not damage your back. When lifting heavy objects, squat rather than bend so that the weight can be transferred from the hip joint instead of the back. This is important because the back was not designed for heavy lifting.

Correct posture to lift a heavy object, Woman lifting object

Lack of Exercise– Exercise, when done correctly, benefits the body that is why a lack of it can sometimes cause back pain. There are specific exercises that help to strengthen the back muscles and when done frequently can give you a stronger back and prevent pain.

Wearing High Heels Frequently– I know you love to slay but wearing too much of high heels can mean trouble for your back. When on high heels, your spine is forced to assume an unnatural position and this adds stress to the muscles of the back. So pretty please alternate between flat shoes and high heels, I’m sure your feet will thank you.

This list is not exhaustive, you should note that other things can cause back pain; however, these are more common.

What To Do When You have Back Pain

Having constant back pain is not the end of life. The good news is that you can manage it to the point where the pain disappears. When you start to feel constant back pain, the first step towards recovery is getting a proper diagnosis because you cannot effectively manage what you don’t know. You can undergo some tests to be sure there is no underlying pathological condition causing it. After your diagnosis, the next step is to see your physiotherapist or occupational therapist, who can manage your back pain and also prescribe an adequate home program for you. Also, your therapist will recommend some lifestyle changes that will help you prevent the re-occurrence of the pain in the future.

Do you experience this kind of pain currently and will like to talk to a therapist? If yes, then send me a mail so I can give you a free phone consultation.

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