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How to Prevent Work Related Pain

The weekend is here and you are starting to feel a little ache on your wrist, neck or back. You know this ache was caused by work and you wish you could just make it stop. Although you will need an expert intervention to address the pain you are currently feeling, there are ways you can prevent work related pain in the future. There are different types of work-related pain and they are mostly caused by our activities at work.

Three Ways to Prevent Work Related Pain

Learning to prevent work related pain will help you live healthier and be more productive.

Assume Proper Workplace Ergonomics. For example, if you work at a desk most of the time, then your posture should be correct. Assuming the right posture always is the first step to preventing work related pain.

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Reduce repetitive movements, however, it might seem impracticable. What you can do is ensure you are doing the movements right and also taking breaks from time to time.

Environmental modification. If you need to prevent pain, then you have to make your environment suitable. Modifying your environment can include changing your chair, changing your desktop angle, adding an assistive device to improve your posture and so on. A professional can help you look at your workplace station and suggest changes you need to make.

To be sincere. assuming the right position all the time can sometimes feel robotic and uncomfortable. It can sometimes feel too rigid and nobody likes rigid. The truth is you might not feel the consequence of assuming those wrong positions now but as you continue, you will start to feel pain in certain areas of your body. The sad news is the pain escalates most of the time.

Work-related pain has been known to reduce work productivity, so if you want to be more productive at work then pay attention to your body.

Assuming the right posture does not have to feel robotic. That is why you are advised to take short breaks within the hour.

Do not sit for one hour at a stretch, give yourself a break, stand for a minute or two, take a short, less distracting walk then come back to your work.

If you don’t do this, you might end up spending all your money on treating the pain caused by working for too long. (feels complicated right?)

These preventive measures can also work for you if you already feel pain, infact, it is the best thing to do but it is important you address the underlying pain for effective results.

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